Preventative Services

Swim Molds

Swim molds: Used to prevent water from entering the ear while children with PE tubes are swimming and bathing. Swim molds are custom made to fit each individual ear providing maximum protection and come in a variety of fun colors.

Noise Protection Ear Molds

Noise protection earmolds: Any kind of noise exposure is potentially damaging to hearing, so whether your noise exposure comes from your work environment or just mowing your lawn, custom earmolds can provide protection from noise-induced hearing loss.

Surfers Plugs

Surfers Plugs: Used to prevent water from entering the ear while in the ocean to help prevent surfers ear or infections by keeping inside your ear dry in the water.

Pilots Plugs/ Musicians Plugs

Pilots Plugs/Musicians Plugs: Custom ear molds that lower the overall noise level to protect your hearing while preserving sound quality.