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The Best Hearing Aids for Kids and Teens

best hearing aids for kids and teenagers

The Best Hearing Aids for Kids and Teens


For kids and teenagers with hearing loss, getting diagnosed and treated as soon as possible is important. It is especially crucial for young children who are still learning speech, as hearing is needed to develop language and social skills. The more access a child has to sound, the better they can communicate. For young children, delaying treatment by a few weeks or months can have a big impact on their development. Leaving hearing loss untreated can lead to children feeling isolated and becoming withdrawn, and prevent them from reaching their full potential.


The kind of treatment depends on the cause and nature of the hearing loss. It may be resolved by medical or surgical interventions. For others, devices such as hearing aids can be used to extend and enrich the range of hearing.


Pediatric Hearing Aids


Hearing aids are battery-powered devices that use microphones to amplify sounds in the ear. Today’s pediatric hearing aids feature state-of-the-art technology and modern designs. Behind-the-Ear (BTE) aids are the most suitable for children, but some custom In-the-Ear (ITE) aids are available for teenagers.


Hearing aids should enhance a child’s hearing, but they should also boost their confidence and empower them to live life fully. Pediatric hearing aids should be robust, water-resistant and dust-proof. Remote controls, child-safe push buttons and tamper-proof battery doors are essential features for very young children. Most aids carry Direct Audio Input (DAI) using an audio shoe, which provides compatibility with the FM/DM system provided by schools for students with hearing loss. Many hearing aids now provide connectivity to smart devices, televisions and computers via Bluetooth, to help keep kids connected to the world around them.


OC Physicians’ Hearing Services carry a range of pediatric hearing aids from some of the most trustworthy brands in the industry. 


Oticon Hearing Aids for Kids

Oticon Sensei and Sensei SP (severe to profound) are “adventure-proof” hearing aids designed for infants to teenagers. They are available in a range of vibrant colors. Wide audio bandwidth and features such as VoicePriority help optimize speech understanding.


Phonak Hearing Aids for Kids

Phonak Sky Q is a premium hearing aid designed especially for children on the go. It is available in four robust models and a range of fun mix-and-match colors. Its clear audio input enhances understanding, while external indicator lights tell parents and caregivers when programs are activated or batteries are running low.  


ReSound Hearing Aids for Kids

Resound Smart is an attractive BTE hearing aid for children, available in a range of sizes and colors. Its iSolate nanotech coating protects from moisture and earwax, while an indicator light shows status and battery life. Compatible accessories and microphones help extend the range and use of the aids in different situations, such as phone conversations and in noisy classrooms.


Siemens Hearing Aids for Kids

Siemens feature sophisticated and robust child-friendly options for many of their standard hearing aids. These include Insio, a discreet custom ITE aid for teens, and Nitro, a super power hearing aid for those with profound hearing loss. The Carat and the Motion range of hearing aids are DAI-ready. Other kid-friendly models include Pure and Aquaris.  


Starkey Hearing Aids for Kids

Starkey have a dedicated pediatric team, and provide child-friendly options for hearing aids in their Z, 2, Wi, X and Ignite series. Robust ear molds are available in a range of colors for all models. Their industry-leading features include DAI compatibility, enhanced speech preservation systems and the ability to control the hearing aid from a smartphone.



If you suspect a child in your care may have a hearing loss, contact your family doctor as soon as possible. They will be able to refer you on to a pediatric audio specialist, who can provide your child with a medical evaluation. For more information about pediatric hearing aids, contact OC Physicians' Hearing Services at (949) 364-4361 or visit one of our locations.