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A customized earmold is made by taking an impression of the ears in order to specifically fit the contour and shape of his/her ear canal.  Swim Molds

Swim Ear Molds-  Designed for use while swimming or showering to prevent moisture from entering the ear canal.  Also serves as a sound attenuator with a noise reduction rating of 27 dB.
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surfSurf Ear Molds-  Designed with a diaphragm to keep cold water and air out of the ear while allowing for basic conversation while in the ear.  For active users such as surfers, swimmers, skiing, biking, or jogging.
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Sleep Ear Molds
- Available in the canal size to allow for comfort while sleeping with sound attenuation for high noise environments.
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musician protectionMusician Hearing Protection- Designed for musicians or concert attendees who need to hear accurately in noisy environements.  Also recommended for music teachers, DJs, bartenders, and dentists.  Available with 9, 15, and 25 dB filters for sound attenuation.  
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musician monitor

Musician Monitors-
Custom made monitors help to eliminate feedback, lower onstage noise levels and reduce vocal fatigue. 
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custom earphonesCustom Ear Phones- Earphones offer unequaled sound quality, response and reliability, with the fit and comfort that only custom-molded earpieces can provide.
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Snap ring

Snap Ring Ear Mold- This versatile earpiece features a convenient snap ring for use with a variety of devices such as body instruments, auditory trainers and stethoscopes. Also compatible with some communication headsets from StarSet®, Plantronics®, and Telex®. 
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Broadcast/Law Enforcement- This communications earpiece is most commonly used with a teleprompter in broadcasting or by law enforcement personnel in the field.
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Hunter MoldsShooting/Hunting Ear Molds
- Designed for hunting and other high level impact noise environments equipped with a valve that closes when a certain level of sound is reached.  This allows for hunters to hear clearly until the gun is fired.
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PilotPilot/Traffic Controller/Operator- Our classic Pilot Earpiece provides custom-fit comfort to the use of the Plantronics®, Telex®, and Mark® communication systems. Features an easily adjustable SwivelComm bar for placement of the boom microphone just where it s needed. Also popular with air traffic controllers and telephone operators.
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Medical Dental

Medical/Dental- Custom earpiece is permanently attached to the stethoscope via a Ball and Socket adapter.
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Racing Headset-
This racing headset was designed specifically for race drivers to receive communications from their pit crew, with a comfortable under the helmet fit.
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Designed primarily for motorcyclists to wear under a helmet to help eliminate wind noise.
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iPod Molds

Ipod/MP3/Laptop Ear Molds- Customized earmolds to attach to your earbuds or any listening device for added comfort. 
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Cell Phone

Cell phone Ear Molds- Customized earmolds to attach to your earbuds or hands-free cell phone listening device for added comfort.
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Max ProtectionMaximum Hearing Protection Ear Molds- A multipurpose earpiece for any high noise environment. Popular with shooting enthusiasts, heavy equipment operators, construction workers, and others.
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Int. ProtectionIntermediate Hearing Protection- Designed for hearing protection in a high noise environment where basic communication is necessary. Often used by heavy equipment operators, motor sports enthusiasts, construction workers, dental hygienists and shooting enthusiasts.
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Low LevelLow-level Noise Exposure Ear Molds- Providing protection without being completely closed off.
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Musician Monitors- Offer the advantages of custom in-ear musicians' monitors at an entry level price.


Earphones- These earphone offers excellent sound quality at an entry-level price.

Eytmotic Ear Plugs- High-fidelity hearing protection in affordable, universal fit earplugs. They lower the overall noise level but preserve sound quality, providing great hearing protection for concerts, sporting events, airline travel, industry, etc.


E.A.R Ear Plugs- Foam earplug that expands to seal most sizes of earcanals from unwanted noise.




Sonic II Hearing Protection- Sonic II hearing protection helps block out damaging sounds while still maintaining a conversation with shooting partners. 




TV Ears-
With the TV EARS ® infrared wireless headset system you can capture movie-theater quality sound from your televison without annoying others who are nearby sleeping, reading or watching the same television program. 


Vibrating Alarm Clocks- Powerful bed shaker and/or extra loud alarm to wake individuals with hearing impairments. 




Pocket Talker- Assistive listening device that can serve as a personal listener, television, or telephone amplifier.  Features external volume and tone controls.

Amplified Telephones- Developed to improve understanding over the telephone. Telephones may also be puchased with large print and blinking lights for individuals with visual impairments. 



Otoease- Bacteria-free, greaseless lubricant helps ease the insertion of earmolds, hearing instruments, and other custom-fit products into the ear and provides an effective acoustic seal.



Miracell- Unique blend of highly concentrated natural plant extracts relieves itchy ears and acts as a lubricant.


Ear Band-Its- Worn while swimming or bathing, the fully-adjustable neoprene headband and Velcro closure keep water out while hoding in earplugs and swimplugs. 

EarPlanes- EarPlanes plugs are disposable air pressure regulating ear plugs that were developed by the House Ear Institute.  The EarPlane plug is designed to reduce pain during take-offs and landing that is caused by rapid changes in air pressure to the eardrum.  This particular product slows the rate of air pressure change for patient comfort.


Telephone Comfort Pads- Helps to improve the intelligibility of pone conversations with telephone pads that help eliminate feedback for hearing instrument users and block room noises.



Dehumidifier (Dry-aid) kit - Removes harmful moisture from hearing instruments.  Instruments are placed in container with beads that can be heated in the microwave or oven to revive for continued moisture removal.  Electronic devices are also available to remove moisture from hearing instruments.


Glistenaide Spray- Anti-bacterial cleaner for cleaning earmolds and hearing instuments. 




Sweat Bands- Designed to slip over hearing intruments to cover and protect from moisture, dust, and whistling caused by wind.




Clips- Available in a variety of colors and designs with adjustable cord and clip to attach to clothes to help in the prevention of loosing hearing instruments.


Cerumen Removal Tool- Handy for the removal of cerumen from earmolds and hearing instruments. 


Cleaning Tool - This unique cleaning instrument combines the cerumen removal tool (A.K.A. wax loop) and a brush to manage debris on the hearing aid. 




Hearing Aid Batteries- For all styles of high-powered digital and analog hearing instruments.





Battery Tester- Battery tester for any size zinc air battery.



Battery Holders- For convenient battery starage.

Hearing Aid Vacuum- This powerful machine is designed to reach the debris and wax that accumulates deep in the hearing instrument and microphones.  OCPHS uses this equipment regularly during routine hearing aid cleanings.  Please see us at anytime!