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5 Tips for Traveling with Hearing Aids

tips for traveling with hearing loss

5 Helpful Tips for Traveling with Hearing Aids

Summer is right around the corner – which means vacation and travel!

It also means spending some time at the airport or train station, or in a car on a road trip. If you are a hearing aid wearer and have been strategizing your travels, we’d like to offer you some tips to make sure your trip goes smoothly.

1) Make Sure You Have Batteries!

We’ve all had the experience of hearing aid batteries running out on us when we least expect it. If you are going on a trip, be sure to get a supply of hearing aid batteries. When you’re in a new place, you may not be able to find the exact kind of batteries you need immediately. Remember to carry an extra pair of batteries if your travel plans include a day trip away from your luggage.

If you use rechargeable hearing aids and have a recharging system, double-check to make sure you’ve brought all of the necessary plugs and cords. If you’re leaving the country, check to see what kind of electrical plugs are used. You’ll be able to find cheap adaptors at any electronics store to accommodate international electrical sockets, which differ depending on the region and country. 

2) Hearing Aid Cleaning & Maintenance Before You Go

Before you leave, come visit us at Orange County Physicians’ Hearing Services. We’ll check your hearing aids to make sure they are functioning properly and make any repairs if needed.

When you are packing, be sure to bring your hearing aid cleaning supplies. If you are going to a humid climate, consider investing in a dehumidifying unit for your hearing aids. Between the weather and perspiration, the moisture may affect your hearing aids. Simply place your hearing aids overnight in a dehumidifying unit and put them on dry and fresh in the morning!

3) Use Wireless Technology to Your Advantage

Most hearing aids have wireless capabilities to connect to smartphones or tablets. When you find yourself in an airport terminal or on the train, the background noise may prove challenging, no matter how strong your hearing aids are. By downloading hearing apps available through your hearing aid manufacturer, you are able to use your personal electronic devices to amplify sounds and also stream phone calls directly to your hearing aids.

Also – announcements made over loud speakers in transportation hubs may not be very clear, even with your hearing aids. Sign up for email or text message alerts for your travel plans, so that you are in the loop in case anything changes at the last minute.

4) Assistive Listening Devices for an Extra Boost

If you experience higher levels of hearing loss, consider investing in handheld assistive listening devices (ALDs). These personal amplifiers stream sounds that you want to hear to a neckpiece. These are available in FM or infrared waves.

Additionally, some hearing aids are equipped with a telecoil (T-coil), which picks up amplified sound from PA systems through electromagnetic waves. T-coils deliver these amplified sounds directly to your hearing aids, when set to the T-coil function. Many public venues and spaces now offer hearing loops, at places such as ticket windows or bank teller counters where you may need an extra boost. If you are unsure whether your hearing aid is equipped with a T-coil, check with us at OCPHS.

5) Notify Your Hotel or Hosts

If you are staying at a hotel, ask the customer service what kinds of accessibility measures they have put in place for people who are hard of hearing.  Hotels are required by the Americans with Disabilities Act to put in place assistive systems for people who are hard of hearing. Options include vibrating alarm clocks, wake-up services, and even fire alarms that light up.

If you are staying at the home of a friend or loved one, check in with them and communicate what your anticipated needs are for the extent of your stay.

If you have any questions concerning your hearing aids before your travels, come visit us at OC Physicians' Hearing Services! We wish you safe and happy travels! 

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